Over the past decade, we have had the privilege to serve some of the most important companies in high tech. We have found that our models for market adoption dynamics and breakout growth strategy deliver high impact outcomes across all segments of the industry – hardware, software, and services.

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Hardware companies are facing shorter product lifecycles, the value migration to software, and disruptive offerings from increasingly global competitors. In parallel, they are dealing with customers demanding a shift to an infrastructure as a service business model.


Customers are demanding solutions that are easier to buy, deploy, and use. They are unwilling to pay for solutions that do not get adopted. This is causing software companies to rethink the capabilities needed in engineering, sales, marketing, and services.


Support Services and Professional Services are no longer enough in high-tech. Adoption Services is a new class of service offers that take customers beyond system availability to full end-user adoption of advanced capabilities and accelerated return on investment for technology deployments.