Consumption Economics and B4B

Business model shifts have profound consequences. Get the new model right and you have an Apple moment. Get it wrong and you have a Kodak one. Consumption Economics details the transformation required to prosper in the “as a service” business model of high tech. B4B goes a step further to prescribe the specific capabilities required to succeed in a consumption-based world.


Praise for B4B

"B4B is a groundbreaking look at the future of the tech industry. Customers have a whole new set of expectations, buying outcomes from vendors with "skin in the game" and valuing simplicity over complexity. B4B is a guidebook to position your company for success in this new world."

Lanham Napier CEO, Rackspace

"Technology companies have significant new opportunities to deliver value and business outcomes. B4B gets it right: Unlocking big data in real time will turn better-run customers into raving fans."

Bill McDermott Co-CEO, SAP

"There's never been a more exciting - or dangerous - time to be a business leader. The rules of traditional B2B are changing rapidly, and many tried-and-true business models are ripe for disruption. To thrive in this new era, companies must have the courage to resist organizational inertia and step out of their comfort zone. B4B is an outstanding follow-on to Consumption Economics, and should be required reading for any business leader seeking to drive transformation."

Mark Templeton President and CEO, Citrix

"The services industry needs thought leaders. Technology is highly product-focused, and the processes and reward systems within it reflect that. The shift toward software as a service and other related trends has spurred the need for thought leadership and innovation in how services are delivered. B4B helps set an important framework for rethinking services in the tech industry."

Charles Phillips CEO, Infor

"GE is a big believer in delivering outcomes that matter to customers. B4B reveals the path to transforming the conversation between supplier and customer to achieve sustained improvements in business impact. Just delivering a great product is no longer good enough: A data-driven framework to optimize supplier engagement becomes essential. This book is a must-read for those seeking to disrupt industries and attain that next level of return from their investments."

William Ruh CEO, GE Digital

"Wood, Hewlin, and Lah have gone from the descriptive to the prescriptive with B4B. Where Consumption Economics described the transformational business model shift from CapEx to OpEx, B4B outlines what leading companies are doing about it. These are lessons every high-tech and near-tech company will find valuable."

Toni Sacconaghi Senior Research Analyst, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co.

"Cloud computing is transforming tech from a product-centric business, where customers make high-risk buying decisions and are responsible for their own success, to a services-centric business, where suppliers bear the bulk of these risks. This mean suppliers must now adjust both their business and operating models. No one is better positioned to advise companies in this transition than Wood, Hewlin, and Lah. While Consumption Economics laid the groundwork for this new dynamic, B4B shows us how and why to capitalize on it."

Geoffrey Moore Author of Crossing the Chasm and Escape Velocity

Todd Hewlin

Todd Hewlin is an expert on the fundamental business model shift that is rewriting the rules of the tech industry. He is co-author of Consumption Economics and B4B. Beyond the books, his articles have been published in the Harvard Business Review, McKinsey Quarterly, Knowledge@Wharton, and Wired.

Todd is a frequent keynote speaker at major industry and company events. See his keynotes on Consumption Economics (top), The New Rules of Tech (middle), and Navigating B4B (bottom). For speaking inquiries, please click HERE.

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