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Jan Burton

Jan Burton
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Jan is focused on all aspects of go-to-market strategy and execution, including sales, sales management, marketing and sales integration, and channels.

Jan Burton is a Partner in Residence at TCG Advisors. Her specialties are sales, sales management, marketing and sales integration, and channels. She has worked in all aspects of global high technology, and has balanced experience in headquarter strategy development and field execution. She brings an excellent consultative approach, with teaming abilities, leadership, and coaching skills, aided by a world-class sales and channel “Playbook”.

Jan’s primary focus is advising on sales, channel strategy and “change management” within a company to achieve growth objectives. She has developed new go-to-market models and channel strategies to gain competitive differentiation. Her channel efforts address the need for practical implementation in the geographies, based on simple, differentiated programs. She has assisted Product Divisions to improve their product and channel readiness through “whole product” initiatives. read more...