Goliath's Revenge

How Established Companies Turn the Tables on Digital Disruptors

Goliath's Revenge Book

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Our models for market adoption dynamics and breakout growth strategy deliver high impact outcomes for our clients across all segments of the industry - hardware, software, and services.

We founded TCG Advisors on a common value system that shapes everything about the firm. Which projects we take on. Which models we build. Which partners we recruit. How we evaluate our impact.

Client First

We put clients ahead of the firm and the firm ahead of the individual. We live vicariously through the success of our clients. We celebrate it. We reward our partners based on it. It underpins everything we do.

Models Based

Traditional consulting approaches waste too much time boiling the ocean. We use a models based approach to get to hypotheses fast. This allows us to devote more time to developing the best answers and figuring out how to get there.

Confidences Kept

Clients rely on us for advice on their most strategic and sensitive issues. In undertaking this work, we rigorously safeguard their confidential information.