Goliath’s Revenge provides an insider’s perspective on how established companies are adjusting their innovation priorities, corporate strategy, and talent base to deal with digital disruption.

Goliath's Revenge Book

"Goliath's Revenge provides the roadmap that established companies need as they put their data to work and run the Silicon Valley playbook for themselves."

Doug Merritt, President and CEO, Splunk

"A must read for how companies can successfully develop a digital program to defend their core franchises and grow with new digital services."

Bill Ruh, CEO, GE Digital

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B4B prescribes capabilities required to succeed in a consumption-based world and to deliver compelling business outcomes for customers.

"Technology companies have significant new opportunities to deliver value and business outcomes. B4B gets it right: Unlocking big data in real time will turn better-run customers into raving fans."

Bill McDermott, Co-CEO SAP

"The services industry needs thought leaders. Technology is highly product-focused, and the processes and reward systems within it reflect that. The shift toward software as a service and other related trends has spurred the need for though leadership and innovation in how services are delivered. B4B helps set an important framework for rethinking services in the tech industry."

Charles Phillips CEO, Infor


Consumption Economics details the transformation required to prosper in the "as a service" business model of high tech.

Consumption Economics

"The next wave of tech will be about truly energizing businesses of all sizes. Tech companies must work actively with IT departments to reduce capital and operating expenses and directly with business users to improve the agility of their organizations. Consumption Economics is the thinking person's guide on how to do just that."

Tod Nielsen, Co-President VMware

"Cloud computing is fundamentally redefining how customers buy and adopt technology. Consumption Economics delivers powerful insights on the steps high tech companies must take to capitalize on this major market transition."

Bob Paul, Chief Executive Officer, Compuware


We are globally recognized for thought leadership in growth strategy. Our research in the areas of market adoption dynamics and business model innovation is the reference standard across the technology industry and beyond. Our articles have appeared in the Harvard Business Review, Wired, Knowledge@Wharton, and McKinsey Quarterly. Our books have become the best sellers within their categories.